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Exhibitor Agreement and Contact Form


Payment: The license fee, GST, and Additional Cost as set out in this Temporary Occupancy Lease must be paid in advance, Total Due 60(sixty) days prior to the Event by CASH, MONEY ORDER(s) or CERTIFIED CHEQUE(s), CREDIT CARD or REGULAR CHEQUE.
Early Termination: you may not terminate this license on less than 90 days notice. If you terminate this license in less than 90days notice, you must pay a cancellation fee of half of the original contract rate plus applicable taxes. If you terminate this license in less than 60 days notice, you must pay the full amount plus applicable taxes. I also understand that any monies paid once a contract is in place is nonrefundable.
1. The licensee covenants and agrees with the Licensor as follows:
a) To pay the fee (s) as stated above, payable 60days in advance by cash, credit card, certified cheque or money order.
b) Not to use the licensed area for any other purposes except as set out above and/or attached.
c) The Licensee will indemnify and save harmless the Licensor and all persons for whom it is in law responsible from any and all Liabilities, damages, costs, claims, suits or sections arising out of any damages to property including Loss of use therefore, and any injury to any person or persons, including death resulting at any time therefrom, occasioned by any act or omission of the Licensee, its officers, agents, servants, employees, contractors, customers, invitees, or licensees, or occurring on or in the Premises or any part thereof arising from or occasioned by any cause whatsoever.
d) To adequately insure for public liability in the amount of $1,000,000 and to provide the Licensor on demand with proof of such insurance;
e) To secure at the expense of the Licensee all licenses, permits, and authorizations required by any competent government body and agrees to provide the Licensor with proof of having secured same, if required.
f) To abide by and ensure that it’s agents and employees abide by all applicable government regulations and will conduct it’s affairs with strict conformity in the venue with regulations imposed by the Licensor or the venue.
g) Not to assign or transfer this license.
h) That in case the Licensor will (i) fail or refuse to comply with the order or requests of the Licensor or it’s managers, or (ii) permit any conduct or act which in the opinion of the Licensor is improper, or renders it inadvisable that the Licensee should be Allowed to carry on business under this license, or (iii) fails to comply with other terms and conditions herein, the Licensor may immediately terminate the license and take possession of the licensed area and at the cost of the Licensee remove him and all property therefrom, by force if necessary, and the Licensor will not, nor will the manager or any of it’s officers, servants or agents, be liable in damages or otherwise by reason of such termination or removal, and not withstanding such termination or removal the Licensee will pay in full the fee set out in Subparagraph (a) above:
i) That in the case of payment of fees and all other monies is not made in accordance of terms hereof, this license may be cancelled by written notice from the Licensor without prejudice to the Licensor’s right to recover all monies due and owing under this license;
j) This license is terminable by the Licensor at any time upon five (5) days of notice;
k) Upon the termination of this license, the Licensee will deliver to the Licensor vacant possession of the licensed are in the condition which the Licensee received it. The Licensee is required to repair, maintain and keep the licensed area in the manor in which it was found;
2) The Licensee must be set up completely and ready for business at the above/attached stated time. If in fact the Licensee is late in arriving he will not be allowed to set up in the following day. Notwithstanding such action by the Licensor, the Licensee will pay in full the fees set out in paragraph (A)
3) The Licensee will operate and man the display during event hours, which may change from time to time.
4) The Licensee will not solicit business outside the licensed area.
5) All tables must covered with a tablecloth and with approved skirting.
6) Card tables and lawn chairs are not allowed.
7) Signage must be either professionally done, made with stencil or letraset. Freehand signage is not allowed. 8) Consumption of food, drink nor smoking within the display area is not permitted unless prior authorization is obtained, in writing, from management.
9) All electrical wires or cords must be secured to the floor using licensor approved methods from the outlet used to the display area and will not cross high traffic areas.
10) Receiving doors must be used to load and unload display equipment and merchandise.
11) The entrances to the parking lot of the venue shall not be blocked at any time, nor shall your use of the set area interfere with the customers or the normal operation of the venue. Your vehicles must be parked in areas designated by the venue.
12) The leasee hereby personally agrees to make full payment for all license fees and additional costs if applicable on behalf of the above business.

ANY notice herein provided or permitted to be given by the Licensor to the Licensee will be sufficiently given to the Licensee at the licensed area. Such notice may be delivered either personally or by prepaid registered post and, if so posted will be deemed to have been received within three (3) days of the posting thereof.

In the license the word “manager” will mean and include the manger of the company, and any other person for time being in charge of the Innovative Entertainment Group Inc. and any word singular where to context permits will include the plural.